L'Oréal Paris Builds Brand/Product Awareness in U.S. College Tour

L'Oréal Paris will support the launch of its breakthrough Go 360 Clean deep facial cleansing collection with the "Go Beyond Clean College Campus Tour" in spring 2010. The on-campus experience is designed to build consumer awareness and trial for L'Oréal Paris Go 360 Clean, with the goal to establish it as an innovative cleansing solution among college students.

The tour, managed by Legacy Marketing Partners (Chicago), will visit 10 campuses March 17–April 27 to provide students with a range of brand engagements creating a motivating product trial platform while generating buzz. Utilizing a branded Airstream trailer and two battery-operated Global Electric Motorcars cars, trained product specialists will invite students to use mobile face washing stations featuring Go 360 Clean, enjoy two-minute upper back massages and a professional makeup application.

Additional activities include free morning yoga classes, evening study break snacks, a local sweepstakes to win the newest touch screen computer on the market, and viral wake-up calls that encourage students to start their days with Go 360 Clean and tell their friends. Full-size product samples, branded spa headbands and $1 retail coupons will also be distributed to students.

Go 360 Clean is a collection of four cleansing formulas for all skin types that features the "Scrublet" cleansing tool—a soft, flexible cleansing disc that allows the applications of the cleanser with 500 extra-supple touch points, activating the cleansing formulas on contact and creating a high-foam lather for a deeper clean. According to the company, pores look smaller and skin is cleaner, smoother and softer after use.

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