Glossybox Announces Profitability After a Year of Restructuring

Beauty-discovery subscription platform Glossybox ended 2014 profitably, posting seven-digit sales. Further, the beauty box company, which does business in more than 10 countries, was profitable every month in 2014. The company’s customer base simultaneously grew by more than 25%, while marketing costs were reduced by 33%.

For Glossybox, the most important key to success has been a focus on customer satisfaction, which, on average, increased from 68% in 2013 to well over 80% in 2014, with a maximum increase of 95%. The company cites transformations that it began in late 2013 and completed in early 2014, and notes that changes it made have been far-reaching. Glossybox is now less centralized, its efficiency and processes improved, and a stronger focus on its 10 core countries has been established.

“The entire Glossybox team is excited about the great corporate development,” said Glossybox founder and CEO Charles von Abercron. “We’ve worked very hard for this success, and had to make some difficult yet necessary changes. It appears to have paid off as we have opened up opportunities by becoming profitable. We will use these opportunities to work on making our vision—to become the number one source for beauty discoveries worldwide—a reality even sooner.”

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