New Logo for Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf AG debuted a new company logo with a clean, clear and future-oriented design. According to Beiersdorf, it symbolizes the company’s focus on skin care and its concentration on the essential, as well as stands for the company’s comprehensive strategic development and its upward movement from the foundation of the company's “Blue Agenda.” At the same time, it aims to create a connection to the roots of the company’s rich historical tradition.

Beiersdorf CEO Stefan F. Heidenreich commented, “Beiersdorf stands for quality, reliability and trust, for tradition and innovation. Most of all Beiersdorf stands for outstanding products and skin care expertise. The new Beiersdorf logo clearly reflects these values, our core competence and our identity. It is a development of the former logo oriented toward the future and builds a bridge between the company’s tradition and its future.”

The former logo was part of Beiersdorf for 35 years. The word and image mark with the abbreviation BDF and the four dots originally stood for the four divisions of the company—cosmed, medical, pharma and tesa. Today, the company is divided into two business segments: Consumer, which includes its skin care brands, and tesa. The new logo does away with any graphic elements and adopts the font of the old logo, which with its smoothly rounded letters is evocative of care and trust. The color of the new logo is in line with the Nivea Blue, thus creating a bond between the company and its strongest brand.

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