Wellnesse Launches Eco-friendly Whitening Toothpaste


Wellnesse has announced the launch of its all-natural Whitening Toothpaste. 

The glycerin- and fluoride-free toothpaste originally began as one of brand founder Katie Wells' most popular DIY recipes on her website www.wellnessmama.com.

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste is available in Fresh Mint flavor and contains calcium carbonate, peppermint, stevia leaf and green tea leaf extract. 

The toothpaste's packaging is made of sugar cane and is reportedly both recyclable and commercially compostable. 

Wells stated, "At Wellnesse, our goal is to create the highest quality and most effective natural products on the market. We take this commitment to human and environmental safety one step further, using compostable sugarcane packaging and all-natural, EWG-approved ingredients. We use hydroxyapatite in place of fluoride, as this naturally occurring mineral supports enamel strength. We also avoid glycerin, which may prevent minerals from benefitting the teeth."


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