3 Ways to Make Your Face Mask Stand Out from Competitors


There seems to be no skin condition that a good face mask can’t cure. This explains why the category has been so successful over the past few years and why it has stimulated so much innovation. But with so many players jumping on-board the mask wagon, the segment is reaching near saturation, and brands are vying for differentiation on the shelves to remain relevant. 


1. Customization
Tired of the "one-size-fit-all" routine and realizing that we all have specific needs for our skin, consumers are enthusiastically turning to customizable formats that can narrowly and efficiently address their specific conditions. Using apps or personalized advisors, beauty users can adapt their face mask routine on demand by adding boosters or combining treatments. 
2. Visual appeal
Face masks provide a highly engaging experience. More than other beauty items, masks are usually associated with relaxation and pampering. Very often, the experience starts with the visual aspect of the face mask, whether it's a ready-to-use emulsion, a clay mask or a sheet mask. The face mask experience has become a social one with social media platforms playing a great role in the growing popularity of the category, and users will be more likely to share images of surprising and unique products.  
3. Convenience
Face masks require commitment. They take time to deliver their promised benefits, but the wait is worth it. Although consumers will be looking for easy-to-use solutions, that limit the amount of waste, potential stains and other annoyances that would ruin the precious "treat-yourself" moment. 
Analyzing and understanding consumer needs for this category has led Vantage to create a new face mask experience with InstaMask™. InstaMask™ is an all-in-one clay mask bead technology in a granule form. Each granule contains a clay, active ingredients and thickeners, that will hydrate when water or a water-based booster is added to transform into a freshly made clay mask.  This format is easier to use than a powder, less messy and delivers added benefits to the skin.    
InstaMask™ is preservative- and dye-free, waterless and creates a strong visual differentiation for your clay mask that meets current industry trends. This is why beauty experts awarded InstaMask™ the Silver Innovation Zone Award during in-Cosmetics 2019. Learn how Vantage can help set your brand apart!



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