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We live in contradictory times. Technology is moving faster than ever before. We routinely conduct meetings with colleagues from all over the world while each member is still sitting comfortably at their own desk. It seems that as soon as a new electronic device is placed on store shelves, the next generation of that device is being promoted. On the other hand, many people are trying to revert to simpler times with regard to their personal health and well-being. The need to “unplug” and get back to nature has never been greater. The popularity of organic food and natural personal care products are on the rise.

The influence of this movement to more natural solutions is particularly evident in the area of cosmetics preservation. Many traditional preservatives have come under attack. Whether these attacks are valid or not, the questions that they raise have moved many personal care product manufacturers to look for gentler, safer alternatives. Natural alternatives have been promoted, but many of these can be expensive and can adversely affect the color, odor or other aesthetic properties of a formulation. This has lead to the development of nature-identical materials. These materials maintain all of the beneficial characteristics of naturals, while allowing other characteristics, such as color, odor and availability to be more easily standardized.

schülke has been studying all aspects of microbiological control for over a century, giving them a unique perspective on the development of novel preservation methods. Their development efforts in the area of personal care preservation combine the best of synthetic, nature-identical and natural materials. Beginning in 1992, with the introduction of euxyl® K 702, schülke began offering soft, organic acid-based preservative blends. They now offer a range of organic acid-based systems for a variety of needs.

schülke’s soft, non-traditional preservation systems have expanded to include the sensiva® range. This line of multifunctional additives has evolved from gentle, synthetic sensiva® SC 50—preservative booster and deodorant—to sensiva® PA 20—replacement for phenoxyethanol-blends, based on a nature-identical fragrance additive. The latest addition to this evolution is sensiva® PA 30.

sensiva® PA 30 is composed of half natural and half nature-identical materials to offer a lower odor, more broad-spectrum antimicrobial stabilizer as compared to most natural options. The standardization and consistent supply characteristic of nature-identical materials is particularly important for a preservative system that needs to reliably protect product and consumer against microbial contamination.

New developments will take this concept to the next level. schülke is preparing to launch a combination of natural, nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials to provide ideal protection for personal care products with results more similar to traditional preservative blends. More information and samples will be available by late-September.

Technology and nature coexist in our modern lives. Personal care manufacturers are combining the best of science and nature to produce uniquely effective products. By combining natural, nature-identical and gentle synthetic materials, schülke has created preservation systems to meet the needs of the modern personal care market.

To learn how schülke can partner with you in your evolution to better products, visit our website or contact the company at 1-888-267-4220.


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