CytoCalm - Next Generation Peptide for Stress Free Skin


CytoCalm™ is the newest Vantage anti-aging peptide! It is a hexapeptide that was deliberately designed to block the drivers of inflammation and stress. While our overall focus was building an anti-inflammatory peptide, we discovered additional unique benefits that are significant in the reversal of aging.

CytoCalm™ is easy to use, water-soluble and effective at low concentrations. No additional delivery vehicles are needed. It can penetrate the skin in a very predictable manner without the help of additional delivery vehicles that are often required when formulating with peptides. It is ideal for use in serums, spot treatments, anti-aging creams or lotions, post-aesthetic procedure treatments and daytime calming products.  CytoCalm effectively reduces inflammation while simultaneously boosting skin’s ability to hydrate, detoxify and restore structure.


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