[in-cosmetics Global] New Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin solutions are on the rise.
Sensitive skin solutions are on the rise.

Sensitive skin impacts more than half of the world population, according to figures presented by Evonik at in-cosmetics Global. For instance, 51% of American women and the same portion of Indian women claim to have sensitive skin, compared to 60% of French women. In addition, men comprise a significant portion of those with sensitive skin.

Skin sensitivity can be impacted by environmental pollution, sun, wind, shaving and cleansing, social and psychological stress, and temperature variations, which can trigger redness, irritations, dryness, and stinging, itching and burning sensations.

To address these issues, Evonik has introduced Tego Pep 4-Comfort, a tetrapeptide that “selectively relieves typical symptoms of sensitive skin” and “counteracts overreactions triggered by repeated contact or external irritants such as heat.” In one shaving study, the ingredient reduced redness and itching by 70% and burning by 56%.

Tego Pep 4-Comfort can be applied at levels of about 2–4% in aftershaves, creams and lotions, sunscreen products, after-sun products, and cosmetic products for daily care regimens, particularly for sensitive skin.

Meanwhile, Mibelle has introduced SensAmone P5, a biomimetic peptide based on a sea aneomone protein that can immediately comfort sensitive skin, according to the company, while minimizing the skin’s response to stress and reducing the itching sensation of sensitive skin. The ingredient can be applied to sensitive skin care, neurocosmetics and comforting formulations.

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