X-treme Organics Launches Skin Care Line for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Winter Balm
Winter Balm

X-treme Organics has announced the launch of five skin balms for cyclists, mariners, climbers, adventurers and cold-climate enthusiasts. Oh, and there's a balm your pup's paws, too.

According to X-treme Organics, its products "step into the void with gender neutral, organic formulations focusing on the specific year-round needs of the outdoor adventurer." These products are intended to help with chaffing for cyclists, shredded fingers for climbers, raw skin for skiers and sailors, and rashes for surfers.

The Details:

  • The balms are made from pure and natural butters, waxes and oils known for their therapeutic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • The balms are made without fillers, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, chemical preservatives, GMOs or pesticide residues.
  • The balms' tins are eco-friendly and gender neutral. 
  • Each balm retails for $32 for 1.9 oz

For more information, please visit www.x-tremeorganics.com

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