Avya Skincare Launches Skin Color Defying Collection


Avya Skincare has introduced its new signature Qusome collection, which blends peony, turmeric and neem extracts to deliver even, radiant complexion for any skin tone or melanin levels. These three ancient antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties to boost radiance and control pores.

The peony soothes the skin and is an effective complexion stabilizer, brightening the skin. Turmeric helps fight inflammation and protects skin against free radicals and oxidative environmental stress. Neem helps protect skin and prevents acne, while soothing other irritations.

The Avya Qusomes release active ingredients in microspheric cocoons directly to the skin surface at the moment of application. Each creation contains additional botanicals:

  • Gentle Cleanser Non-Foaming: Witch hazel and salicylic acid
  • Anti-Aging Serum with Vitamin C: Pure vitamin C
  • Daily Moisturizer (SPF20): Snow mushroom and niacinamide
  • Night Moisturizer with Vitamin A: Vitamin A
  • Eye Bright Cream with Caffeine: Topical caffeine and cassava matrix technology


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