Freeze 24-7’s New Avalanche Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion and Intense Hydrating Face Mask


What it is: Avalanche Anti-Aging Peptide Lotion by Freeze 24-7

Claims: The lightweight moisturizer is packed with anti-aging ingredients to fight wrinkles and age spots. The lotion helps boost collagen production with vitamins A and E for protection and nourishment.

Key ingredients: Peptides, algae and green coffee extracts, and a soybean and ceramide blend

Price: $105 (40 ml / 1.35 fl. oz.)



What it is: Intense Hydrating Face Mask by Freeze 24-7

Claims: The coconut gel face mask features moisturizing peptides, vitamins B and C, and amino acids to help relieve dry skin and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to help retain moisture.

Key ingredients: "White Power Telangyn" and brightening complex

Price: $60 (8 masks per box)

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