Beauty Brand Passion, Ranked

When you think of beauty do you think "Nike"?

According to a new social media survey by analytics firm NetBase, consumers do. More on that in a moment.

Brands, Ranked

The analysis measured net sentiment, "the overall direction of consumer feeling expressed on social media," and passion Intensity, "how strongly those emotions are felt."

The results comprise "two full years of brand conversations across social networks, review sites, blogs, forums, and news sites worldwide," and reveal that among the top-ranked names in beauty are non-traditional outlets such as eBay (#1), Etsy (#3) and Amazon (#7).

Incidentally, Nike appeared high on the list of recurring brand mentions associated with beauty, "either within the context of feeling beautiful or as a complement to beauty products."

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NetBase reviewed 200 million social conversations from February 2013 to January 2015 and ranked the top 30 beauty and skin care brands associated with beauty and skin care.

Mass market convenience retailers ranked higher than high-end beauty and skin care brands, according to the report. For example:

  • Walmart (#17)
  • Walgreens (#22)
  • Target (#24)
  • Gucci (#18)
  • Lancome (#19)
  • Burberry (#20)
  • Estee Lauder (#21)
  • Clarins (#23)

Beauty Consumer Trends

Unsurprisingly, the analysis found that women think of beauty in terms of selfies. NetBase notes, "Celebrities and the 'no-makeup selfie' challenge the status quo and encourage women to abstain from makeup in order to feel beautiful."

Social photo opportunities drive women to pursue beauty through makeup and cosmetics, the report adds.

Other findings:

  • Some consumers are consulting blogs on at least a monthly basis, NetBase explains.
  • The five attributes consumers prize in skin care brands are: "great scent, natural looking, great moisturizer, value and anti-aging."

“Establishing a strong emotional connection with consumers is vital in today’s fast-paced, social-driven market,” said Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer of NetBase. “It requires a deep understanding of how consumers interact with a product or brand, and social data offers a wealth of insight that helps brands understand their target consumer and what drives and influences them.”


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