Three Factors Driving the Natural Personal Care Market

Kline released information regarding the top three drivers of the global natural personal care market in recent years, identified through their ongoing Natural Personal Care Global Series report.

1. Consumer Awareness

Consumers have constant access to information due to the Internet and social media, which allows them to stay informed about ingredients that may potentially harm them or the environment.

Consumers also have begun demanding full transparency from cosmetic companies on their sourcing methods, product, ingredients and sustainability practices, according to Kline.

2. Distribution Channel Expansion

Rather than sticking to traditional distribution channels, such as health and natural food stores in the U.S., natural personal care marketers look for other opportunities, such as beauty spas and salons.

European retail stores have made shelf space available for natural products through the development of private labels.

3. The Challenge of Traditionally Non-natural Product Categories

Marketers have had to create ways to compete in a market filled with many naturally positioned brands. With that said, many companies who produce naturally position products have entered traditionally non-natural product categories, including cosmetics.

Kline will reveal more about these strategies, as well as other detailed insights on the size and growth of the market, competition, distribution channel, key trends, and new product launches, in the new edition of their Natural Personal Care: Global Market Brief report.

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