Fig + Yarrow: Coming to a Target Near You


Brandy Monique, founder of Fig + Yarrow natural skin care, is moving her products to Target for the brand's first major launch. The clay mask, facial serum and complextion water among other products are expected to hit retail and virtual Target shelves come July. 

"I wanted to make this line available at Target because I wanted to make it accessible. Not only do Target’s guests appreciate these types of products, but our message about selfcare was really suited for the people that I know who shop at Target. These are mothers that are looking for something good for their families, and they want it to be really easy," said Monique. "I love the Palmerosa Charcoal Cleanser, which I developed just for Target. It’s the first foaming facial cleaner that we created and it’s sulfate-free! Palmerosa oil is hugely antibacterial and anti-viral, and if you have something like acne and want to reduce blemishes, palmerosa will go after those microbes and eliminate them."


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