eSeminar Explores Future Trends in the Skin Care Market

With consumer demands and performance pressures as an ever increasing forces on the beauty market, Croda has analyzed global macro trends to uncover new market opportunities for skin care products.

In its new eSeminar Trends in the Skin Care Market (scheduled for 14:00 GMT on March 12, 2013), Croda's Christopher Bannister Bailey, brand specialist personal care, will review current and growing market drivers—specifically empowerment, individualism, sensification and natural performance. Moderated by Laura Reilly, skin care marketing manager, Croda, the discussion will include ideas on individual choice, the feel of skin care products and how natural ingredients can address both the rising consumer concern for the environment as well as performance efficacy.

Croda has tracked the trends in the beauty marketplace over a significant period of time, and highlighting the vibrance of both global trends and the potential for skin care, Christophe Toumit, marketing manager for personal care brands at Croda Inc (responsible for trends and market understanding in personal care, with a special focus on brands and consumer insights) shared additional macro trend information with GCI.

  • Convenience: This is about product format and is linked to the empowerment trend. Convenience encompasses the all in one concept and customization, and is manifested in the success of BB,CC and DD cream—as well the success of foam hair colorants in the U.S.
  • Enhanced Sensory & Sensory Fusion: In line with the experiential trend, product aesthetics drive a meaningful message to the consumer and reinforce the product’s message. The sensory is compatible with efficiency (notably important in sun care products) and relevant to culture.
  • Sustainability & Biomimicry: Sustainability is not simply a buzzword anymore; it is a new reality that a spectrum of industries are embracing. Sustainability is an irrevocable trend forward, confirming that the "sustainable consumer" segment is growing and represents a significant business opportunity. Sustainability is a renewed approach that is sometimes combined with biomimicry, and offers the powerful storytelling that help brands to differentiate themselves from their competition.
  • Wellbeing & Neo-urbanism: A new approach to wellbeing includes different dimensions—Happiness, Flow (engagement), Meaning, Love, Gratitude, Accomplishment, Growth, Better Relationships. The empathetic, successful and gratifying relationship of a person with others, with nature and with the "whole" becomes even more relevant with an increasing global population living in cities (over 50% since 2010). This has a direct impact on peoples’ basic needs, such as waterless personal care products.

Registration for Croda's Trends in the Skin Care Market is open. For more information from Croda on global trends, please read From Global to Local and Back Again.

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