Joey New York Acquires RAR Beauty, LLC

Joey New York, Inc. announced it has acquired the Joey New York brand of skin care and beauty products through its acquisition of RAR Beauty, LLC.

"The Joey New York brand will now have expanded access to the capital needed to develop once again into a significant brand in the skin care, cosmetics and personal care industry; not only through organic growth but through strategic acquisitions of companies in which we can integrate into the Joey New York brand business model," said Richard Roer, president of Joey New York, Inc.

A brand developed in the 1990s, Joey New York helped pioneer a "spa at home" concept and products that it marketed as "safe alternatives to ... dermatological procedures." Now, skin care expert and founder Joey Chancis has reinvented the Joey New York brand. One of the new and recently launched collection is the coconut water product line. These products are designed to delivery amazing results in a healthy way with the help of one of nature's most healing, soothing ingredients: young, green, tender coconut water. These products are currently sold through the masstige distribution channel.

"We believe this acquisition marks a significant event in the renewed growth of the Joey New York brand by providing new opportunities for us to expand our current product assortment, as well as develop additional skin care and cosmetic products for multi-channel distribution. We strive to accommodate the consumer demand for high-quality beauty products, affordable prices and fast-acting formulas. These markets include prestige, masstige, mass and health/wellness stores both domestically and internationally. I want to express my gratitude to my loyal customers who, for over two decades, have believed in me and my products, and I look forward to share more exciting products with you in the future," said Chancis, CEO of Joey New York, Inc.

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