Red Hot Claims: The Benchmarking Company Shares Stats on Claims and Consumers

The Benchmarking Company released a Beauty by the Numbers infographic that focuses on claims and their use in the beauty industry. They asked, do claims matter to women, and do they even notice them? How influential are claims in consumer brand purchasing decisions? And what makes for a good claim?

According to the numbers from The Benchmarking Company’s infographic, 85% of all their surveyed consumers said they notice beauty or cosmetic claims in brand advertising or on packaging. Additionally, 91% of women said consumer claims are important to them when considering the purchase of a high-cost prestige beauty product while 7 out of 10 women said consumer and clinical claims are influential in their decision to buy any beauty product.

As to what beauty shoppers are looking for in product claims, The Benchmarking Company found the top three factors women for in a claim include similar concerns, the age of those making the claims and ethnicity.

  • 93% said they were influenced by claims made by a panel of women who have a similar skin care concern to them;
  • 91% said they are influenced by claims made by a panel of women their own age; and
  • 78% are influenced by claims made by a panel of women of their own ethnicity.

The Benchmarking Company found claims were most important in the beauty categories of:

  • anti-aging skin care products
  • body care solutions
  • troubled skin solutions
  • cosmetics
  • hair care

And more than half of the consumer surveyed said they more readily trust a product will work when they see claims on its packaging or in its ads. Ninety-three percent (93%) of women said they expect proof in the form of a consumer claim when looking to purchase anti-aging products, in fact.

Additionally, The Benchmarking Company found that when consumers were show consumer and clinical claims from actual print ads, they stated the consumer claim to be more compelling than the clinical claim for the same product.

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