Disrupting Beauty: How CBD Will Impact Global Skin Care Sales by 2024


The CBD skin care market could account for 10% of global skin care sales by 2024, according to Prohibition Partners' "Disrupting Beauty" report.

The report is the first edition of a new set of reports titled "The Impact Series," which documents the rise of cannabis consumer goods and the disruption of mainstream markets, Prohibition Partners explained. 

According to the report:

  • Smaller indie brands have driven recent developments in the CBD beauty market, as multinational companies remain wary of CBD’s complex legal status.
  • The global CBD skin care market has been valued at $710 million in 2018, with sales projected to rise to $959 million by 2024—which would account for an estimated 10% of global skin care product sales.
  • Select brands have been accused of exploiting the interest surrounding cannabis-derived CBD oils to sell beauty products containing low-CBD hemp seed oil, in a practice known as "weed washing."
  • Future changes in regulation and consumer education efforts will be key to ensuring the longevity of the CBD beauty market.

For the full report, please visit www.prohibitionpartners.com

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