MedZone Hones in on Natural Face Balm

Med Zone Face Balm

In response to harsh rubbing from face masks, especially in front line workers fighting COVID-19, MedZone has released its Face Balm product to help reduce chafing and rubbing.

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The natural formula comprises coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe extract, avocado, jojoba and olive oil. It is designed to ease irritation created by wearing medical masks as well as industrial masks and CPAP masks.

"Last month we had customers asking us if our other chafe-prevention products for athletes could work on their face due to skin irritations and rubbing from medical masks,” states Joe Freeman, CEO of MedZone. “Once we heard that, our team went to work to create a premium solution to our customers’ problems to use on the face."

Wearing masks of any type repeatedly for long periods can cause skin irritation, bruising and even scars. Face Balm by MedZone was created to be gentle on the face to help reduce chapping and other skin damage.

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Freeman further explains, "Once we had the formulation finalized, we knew we needed to package it in an easy-to-carry and use container, so we chose a sleek pocket-sized stick container that is convenient to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. The small size lets the user apply it in small areas without the mess of a larger container."

MedZone will be donating the product to various hospitals around the United States to help medical staff and first responders during this chaotic time. Plans are being made to contribute a portion of sales to charitable organizations to make an impact on first responders and medical workers around the country. The company notes that previously, it had established social responsibility programs like this for its hand sanitizer products.

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