11 New Anti-aging & Skin-clearing Concept Formulas

The latest anti-aging innovations from iLabs display a wide range of impactful ingredients.
The latest anti-aging innovations from iLabs display a wide range of impactful ingredients.

iLabs has launched a range of anti-aging, ceramide-focused formulations for skin of various ages, including:

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  • a smooth-gliding Nourishing Ceramide Stick, a lightweight, fast-absorbing formulation that soothes and nourishes the skin, featuring conditioning organic shea butter, moisturizing squalene, protective and moisturizing sunflower seed oil, ceramide NP to prevent moisture loss, phytosterols for soothing irritated skin, soothing cocoa butter, and antioxidizing vitamin E;
  • a melting Ceramide Balm featuring ceramide NP, vitamin E, hemisqualane for elasticity and suppleness, saccharide-rich apple fruit extract, a quartet of hyaluronic acids for hydration, and allantoin for improving moisture retention;
  • a fresh, cooling Ceramide Gel Repair Cream, featuring vitamin E, allantoin, squalene, apple fruit extract, the quartet of hyaluronic acids, panthenol (a plant-derived provitamin of B5) for skin hydration, niacinamide for reducing the appearance of pores, and a lipid concentrate—known as Sk-influx—featuring ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP and phytosphingosine;
  • a nourishing Glass Skin Ceramide Moisturizer, featuring panthenol, vitamin E, ceramide NP, moisturizing arginine and shea butter;
  • and a Soothing Ceramide Gel Balm, featuring ceramide NP, allantoin, panthenol, squalene, vitamin E, the quartet of hyaluronic acids, Calendula officinalis flower extract to stimulate collagen and niacinamide.

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iLabs has also launched a range of concept formulations for clear skin, including:

  • a Resurfacing Serum Stick that minimizes pores, brightens skin and offers anti-pollution protection for oily, blemish-prone skin, featuring vitamins C and E to prevent oxidative damage, sodium PCA for moisturization, a complex of AHA, BHA and PHA to unclog and purify the skin, and calcium aluminum borosilicate for a matte and shine-free skin appearance;
  • a Gentle Resurfacing Gel Treatment that promotes skin turnover, featuring moisturizing arginine, an AHA-rich fruit acid complex (10%), featuring bilberry, sugarcane, orange, lemon and sugar maple, salicin-rich willow bark (1%) for cell regeneration and skin soothing;
  • a Bi-Phase Porefecting Essence peel, featuring the fruit acid complex, arginine, exfoliating humectant PHA, vitamin C-rich dragon fruit seed oil to combat redness and inflammation, BV-OSC (tetrahexadecyl ascorbate) for improving collagen synthesis and brightening/evening skin tones, and a carotene complex featuring carrot root extract, carrot seed oil and beta-carotene for blue light defense;
  • a Resurfacing Serum featuring arginine; apple fruit extract; panthenol; the company’s fruit acid complex; 1% salicin- and flavonoid-rich willow bark extract to treat blemishes, clear pores, boost cell regeneration and soothe skin; 2.5% lactobionic acid to brighten the skin, provide hydration and aid skin repair; and a mushroom extract that reportedly offers an alternative to hyaluronic acid;
  • a Gentle Resurfacing Toner featuring arginine; the company’s hydration complex; allantoin; piperonyl glucose to address facial redness; gluconolactone for skin exfoliation and skin hydration; and vitamin C-rich acerola cherry extract to inhibit melanin and brighten the skin;
  • and an All in One Glow Mask featuring sugarcane-derived glycolic acid for collagen and elastin production and clearing of dead skin cells; milk-fermented lactic acid for skin cell turnover promotion; kaolin and bentonite for oil absorption, detoxification and mild exfoliation; protease and lipase for chemical exfoliation; and jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation.
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