Trending: Rice Toner, Nail Dehydrator and Velcro Rollers

Consumers are seeking rice toners for moisturizing, smoothing, and brightening benefits.
Consumers are seeking rice toners for moisturizing, smoothing, and brightening benefits.

Spate has launched its most recent consumer report, with three new trends recently gaining interest in the United States. 

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Rice Toner

Consumers have taken interest in rice toners for skin barrier strength, among other skin benefits.

On average, there are 5K searches for rice toner in the United States every month, and consumer interest has grown 107.7% since last year.

While a few brands are being searched alongside the trend, the brand I'm From is most top-of-mind for consumers.

Nail Dehydrator

At-home manicures are still a strong trend but consumers are looking to advance their nail game. Consumers are turning to nail dehydrators, in preparation for the primer, to help keep their manicures lasting longer. 

On average, there are 1.7K searches for nail dehydrators, with interest growing 401.9% since last year. No brands are being searched alongside this trend.

Consumers are turning to Amazon to meet their nail dehydrating needs, demonstrating that this is still a whitespace opportunity for any brand.

Velcro Roller

Consumers are turning to velcro rollers for voluminous hair, with an average of 12.6K searches for velcro rollers in the United States every month. Interest has grown 62.2% since last year with brands like Hot Tools and Babyliss topping the searches for the products.

Keywords associated with the search include specific needs, such as rollers for fine, short, long and medium-length hair.

While there are brands among the top searches, consumers are more likely to seek out a retailer such as Amazon, Target or Walmart. This indicates that the space is still early stages, and there's opportunity for a brand to own the look.

Spate recommends leveraging this accessory and creating how-to content, which includes your products as complementary to the process.

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