Standout Beauty: Top Stories from GCI for 2013

GCI magazine takes a look back at what shaped beauty in 2013, judging by its top-ranked stories each month, as well as how those trends will affect what is happening to beauty in 2014 and beyond. There is also a month-by-month look at the site’s top stories, showing what engages and interests beauty brand owners and marketers as the year goes on.

The top 10 stories for in 2013 include:

  1. Anti-Aging: The Trends and Challenges in New Product Development
  2. Market Researcher Eyes Big Consumer Trends for 2013
  3. New Research Says Cosmeceuticals Rank as the Fastest Growing Beauty Category
  4. The 2013 Beauty Packaging Identity Trends
  5. Translating Trends for Hair Care Product Development
  6. Men's Skin Care to Help Drive Global Beauty Growth
  7. Leading Beauty Trends for 2013 Discussed by Euromonitor Analyst
  8. Brand Valuation Company Releases Listing of "Most Valuable Cosmetic Brands"
  9. Euromonitor Reports on the Beauty Industry Going Green
  10. Natural Hair Trend Among African-American Women Having Impact

In January 2013, trends were on minds across the beauty industry, with nail care trends as a top story. Going green, almost an evergreen trend itself at this point, also appeared.

February 2013 saw attention being drawn to colors and the rise of cosmeceutical products, as well as trends for both North and South America from Euromonitor International.

Social media trends in the beauty industry caught attention in March 2013, as did skin care data from Euromonitor and fragrance trends from Seven Scent. Additionally, a long look out at beauty trends to 2020, based on a presentation from the 2013 in-cosmetics event in Paris, gathered shed light on insights from In-Trend Ltd.’s managing director Emmanuelle Bassmann.

A ranking of the “most valuable” beauty brands was popular in April 2013, as was beauty trends identified by Euromonitor and spring/summer 2013 color trends from The Color Association of the United States.

And May 2013 tracked trends from The NPD Group on the nail boom, in addition to insight into how beauty product developers are building BB creams. Also, Ada Polla’s article on rebranding hit a nerve with readers too.

June 2013 helped connect the dots on the growing beauty device explosion in skin care, as it was tracked by market researchers such as Diagonal Reports and Kline & Company, while the men’s market was also watched as a strong contributor to global beauty growth. Additionally, GCI’s annual State of the Industry article for 2013 was popular, helping offer information on growing markets and segments, as well as potentials for opportunity.

The continuing alphabet cream craze drew The NPD Group’s attention in July 2013, while organic beauty’s expected growth was also a watched topic. The rise of skin care principles, like anti-aging, applied to hair care was another popular feature for the month.

August 2013 saw readers interested in developing anti-aging skin care products too. Also, merging technology and beauty via mobile and other smart devices was a big topic, as was mass retailer Target’s acquisition of DermStore Beauty Group, signaling some shifting M&A in the beauty industry.

Hair—and more natural hair—was a big topic for September 2013. Mintel looked at how product launches and developments were being accepted by African American consumers, and TextureMedia’s Michelle Breyer walked the site’s visitors through how consumers are continuing to embrace texture in their hair care routines. Additionally, September brought top beauty packaging trends for 2013 from The Kitchen Collaborative’s Aniko Hill.

Amazon’s big break into luxury beauty retailing was a top story for October 2013, which also acted at GCI magazine’s 2013 Directory of Suppliers issue.

For November 2013, Euromonitor’s insight on the success of BB creams drew in readers, as did the trends and brands expected to be hot in the coming months according to Cosmoprof North America’s Daniela Ciocan. However, a serious sea change was also put into effect when China announced it would revise its mandatory animal testing requirements for beauty products.

December 2013 has mostly been a time to look ahead—Mintel discussed its Mixologiste trend at length, drawing a crowd, and readers anticipated the recognition of Mary Kay Inc. at the 2014 Art of Packaging Award Gala. Men as a key in the skin care market also popped back up, as younger men were seen to be more amenable to a beauty routine.

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