Pairing Eco Responsibility and the Wow Factor

In a video from Euromonitor International, senior analyst Virginia Lee talks about eco-friendly beauty, which was a topic of discussion during the 2013 HBA Global Expo. Focusing on the issue of creating beauty products and packaging that both impresses the consumer and is environmentally sustainable, Lee brings up the careful balance brands face.

She says, “Beauty manufacturers face numerous challenges with packaging. There’s cost, environmental concerns, sustainability. How can you create a product that both wows the consumer and is responsible for the environment?

“The June 18th opening session [at HBA Global Expo] featured a panel of three purchasing and packaging experts from Clarins, Procurium and Shiseido, and the speaker from Clarins said, ‘You can’t wow Bloomingdale’s with crunchy, granola packaging’—refering to the difficulty in balancing eco-consciousness with beauty and the wow factor,” Lee says.

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