Pure Daily Care’s ReNew Skin Scrubber


Pure Daily Care’s ReNew Skin Scrubber was created to remove dirt and oil trapped in the pores of the skin. 

ReNew Skin Scrubber is a dermabrasion device that utilizes a hygienic dermatological-grade steel edge that uses sonic vibrations to exfoliate and peel away the surface layer of dead skin. Additionally, the device extracts dirt, oil, sebum and blackheads. 

Per the company, the user's skin must be wet at all times for the process to be effective.

To use, the device's edge is to be pointed down and in towards the skin while applying moderate pressure. The user is instructed to move the device across their face from the inside out. 

Users can also use ReNew Skin Scrubber as a way to apply serums and moisturizers. By using the flat surface of the steel spatula, products can be delivered into the deeper layers of the skin, the company explains. 


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