Madonna’s MDNA Skin Coming to U.S.


Madonna has launched her MDNA Skin line of products in Asia with plans to make them available in the United States “soon,” according to a December 2016 Instagram post. The website,, which is currently only available in Japanese, features seven products, however, there is no word yet as to whether the line will be expanded upon hitting the U.S. market or when the the U.S. launch will be.

A collaboration with MTG Co. Ltd., the skin care line features water from Montecatini Terme, an Italian spa town built around mineral water springs. Known for its healing properties since the Mesolithic period, MDNA Skin is the only brand allowed to use Montecatini water outside of Italy, according to the website.

Current product offerings include:

  • Skin Rejuvenator two-step system
  • Chrome Clay Mask
  • The Serum
  • The Face Wash
  • The Rose Mist
  • The Eye Mask
  • The Eye Serum
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