Cannabinoid Beauty: Beyond CBD

CBC and other cannabinoids, produced via fermentation, can push beauty into frontiers beyond CBD.
CBC and other cannabinoids, produced via fermentation, can push beauty into frontiers beyond CBD.

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During Beauty Accelerate 2022 in NYC, Rob Evans, co-founder/chief strategy and business officer of Purissima, will discuss cannabinoid beauty innovation beyond CBD. 

Purissima is a developer of natural ingredients via the application of fermentation to microalgae. The company is set to launch its first ingredient, cannabichromene (CBC), imminently.

To bring the technology to market, Purissima has entered a multi-year processing and distribution partnership with Open Book Extracts, a provider of cannabinoid ingredients, concept-to-market formulation services and finished goods manufacturing.

Ingredient manufacturing began in July 2022, with volumes available to clients "before fall 2022," per the firms.

CBC can be used topically or ingested; it can also be combined with other cannabinoids for specific claims. CBC can address skin redness and smoothing and, in ingestibles, potentially reduce pain due to its antiinflammatory activity.

Purissima will also pursue the development of other rare cannabinoids that can only be produced in low amounts naturally.

Purissima’s microalgae-centric system reportedly keeps costs controlled and is easy to scale. Production of a batch requires just one week in a fermenter, per the company, with virtually unlimited capacity when tapping into various manufacturing partners.

To illustrate, the company notes that large-scale fermentation can produce the same amount of cannabinoids (such as CBD) as a cannabis farm equivalent to the size of Rhode Island. It also allows for a 2/3 reduction in greenhouse emissions by using water (which can be recycled) and sugar for feedstock.

Future targets, beyond cannabinoids, could include technologies for beauty, flavor and fragrances, including some fragrance-relevant terpenes. While it took five years to develop CBC, the current timeline for further ingredients is now just six months.

This session is part of a series of 5-minute talks from leading experts in beauty ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, services and more, offering attendees insights for jumpstarting their brand innovation.

In 2019, Beauty Accelerate was launched to provide the beauty industry a holistic experience that breaks down the conventional silos separating marketing, brand management, product development and R&D to allow brands and their partners to innovate more nimbly and effectively in changing times.

As the event returns in-person in NYC September 28-29, 2022 at the Metropolitan Pavilion, we again deliver a potent mix of newsmaker brands, R&D specialists, market analysts and retail thought leaders offering actionable insights as we head toward 2023. 

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