[interview]: Youzu Skin Care Taps Growing Wellness Category

The brand's website functions not only as a retail space but also as a community and resource hub.
The brand's website functions not only as a retail space but also as a community and resource hub.

Skin care brand Youzu, founded by Tina Dao, promotes the combination of skin care and inner healing to consumers, something the founder says separates Youzu from others in the industry.

The brand's website functions not only as a retail space but also as a community and resource hub. It features a community forum, creating an environment to connect users with skin care and holistic wellness professionals, as well as with each other.

It is designed to provide a supportive network and valuable resources for individuals to share their stories and find their paths to wellness, inspiration, connection and empowerment.

According to McKinsey & Company, in the United States it is estimated that the wellness market has reached $480 billion, growing at 5-10% per year. Eighty-two percent of U.S. consumers now consider wellness a top or important priority in their everyday lives.

Hero Ingredient

Hypochlorous acid is the centerpiece of the skin care line, which Dao used to alleviate symptoms from pink eye, which later led to painful eczema.

Collection includes:

  • Daily Refresh Spray: This multi-purpose spray can be used in place of a toner, to set makeup and/or to refresh and recharge at any time. With multi-tasking superstar hypochlorous acid, it soothes, calms and purifies the skin, reducing redness and irritation while hydrating and supporting renewal. Can be used for all skin types, even the most sensitive, including eczema and acne prone. Use AM/PM as a toner and/or throughout the day. Mist onto clean dry skin. 
  • Daily Refresh Serum: This spray serum features a concentrated dose of hypochlorous acid to soothe irritation and reduce redness, inflammation and acne flare-ups. It also provides essential nutrients and hydration, promotes clear, calm, nourished skin and shields skin from environmental stressors. Use AM and/or PM. Mist onto clean dry skin or spray a small amount into your hands to apply to focus areas that need more attention. 

AAPI-founded Brand

Addison Cain, beauty strategy and innovation manager, Spate, said, "Ultimately, the key learning for AAPI entrepreneurs aiming to succeed in the beauty industryregardless of categoryis to innovate authentically and stay attuned to market trends to create products that resonate with modern consumers both now and in the future."

Global Cosmetic Industry spoke with Tina Dao to learn more about her brand's entrance into the beauty industry.

What was the inspiration behind creating Youzu?

[TD]: The inspiration behind Youzu is deeply rooted in my resilience, transformation, and empowerment journey. Growing up as the fourth of five children to Vietnamese immigrants, I learned the values of hard work and perseverance from a young age. The challenges I faced, from overcoming childhood trauma to navigating single motherhood and financial ruin, shaped my determination to create a brand that embodies strength and authenticity. Youzu is not just a skin care brand; it is a heartfelt expression of my life's odyssey, dedicated to nurturing self-love and self-care while empowering others through storytelling and community.

What gap in the beauty industry do you see Youzu filling?

[TD]:  Youzu fills a critical gap in the beauty industry by prioritizing the consumer's needs first and foremost, with a strong focus on inclusivity, community, and empowerment. Unlike many brands that adhere to narrow beauty standards, Youzu celebrates the diverse beauty of all individuals, offering products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and types. We create a supportive community where individuals are empowered to embrace their unique beauty and feel confident in their skin. By fostering a sense of belonging and self-worth, Youzu redefines beauty standards, making them more inclusive and accessible.

CEO and founder Tina Dao.CEO and founder Tina Dao.

What nonprofit organization will a percentage of proceeds go to? And why is it essential for a beauty brand to contribute to various causes?

[TD]As someone who has faced and overcome significant adversity, I understand the importance of supporting others in their journeys. A beauty brand must contribute to various causes because beauty is not just about external appearance; it encompasses inner strength, confidence, and the ability to uplift others. By supporting organizations that empower women, Youzu aligns its brand values with its actions, creating a positive impact that extends beyond cosmetics.

NOTE: (this is not a quote from Tina): A percentage of Youzu's proceeds will go to an aligned minded charity partner that the brand is still seeking out.

How do you see Youzu expanding in the near future?

[TD]In the near future, I see Youzu expanding our product line to include science-backed skin care solutions, reaffirming our commitment to efficacy and innovation. We aim to increase our global presence by partnering with international retailers and enhancing our online reach to make our products accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, we plan to launch educational events focused on healing, skin care, self-care, and self-love, engaging with our community and fostering a deeper connection with our customers. Our ultimate goal is to become a trusted, global leader in inclusive and sustainable beauty, empowering individuals worldwide to embrace their unique beauty and prioritize their well-being.

Explain how the Youzu website works as a resource hub for consumers?

[TD]The Youzu website is designed to be a comprehensive resource hub for our consumers. Soon, it will feature a professional listing for dermatologists, medispa services and healers, providing easy access to trusted experts. Additionally, the site includes a forum where community members can engage in live discussions, sharing their experiences and advice. We also offer live healing sessions and workshops on skin care, self-care and wellness. Recorded versions will be available in our hub for those who miss the live sessions, ensuring everyone can access these valuable resources. The Youzu website empowers our community with knowledge, support, and the tools they need to embrace their unique beauty and well-being.

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