3 Global Sun Care Trends Driving Growth Through 2020


As consumers actively seek out effective and reliable sun care products, three trends have emerged that Technavio predicts will help grow the market through 2020: product innovations through technological advancement, demand for private label brands and use of nanotechnology in product development.

Product Innovations through Technological Advancement

  • Companies are adding additional benefits to sun care products such as anti-aging, hypoallergenic and intense repair properties.
  • Products for specific target groups are being launched that include women living in humid climate conditions, children and athletes.

Demand for Private Label Brands

  • The number of private labels is increasing in the sun care products market, resulting in an increase of competition for global vendors.
  • Private labels are often preferred over branded ones in lots of Western countries.
  • Consumers are able to purchase private label products at reasonable costs, which helps fuel market growth.

Use of Nanotechnology in Product Development

  • The process of manipulating materials at a molecular or atomic scale is referred to as nanotechnology.
  • The nanoparticles that are created in this process aim to better give more protection from the sun, its UV rays and to give the products a smoother texture when applies on the skin.
  • Brands such as L’Oréal and Shiseido use nanoparticles in sun care products.
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