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Corpack's Sughera to be Presented at Cosmopack Bologna 2018

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During Cosmopack Bologna, on March 15–18, 2018, Corpack will present its latest packaging innovation, Sughera. 

Corpack explains that Sughera is a material consisting of a synthetic rubber-blend mixed with ground pieces of natural cork. This is reportedly the first time a micro-agglomerated natural cork is injection molded and formed without using glue.

The Details 

  • Sughera is 70% cork and 30% rubber;
  • The Sughera components can be made in a variety of different colors;
  • Sughera was created to provide a natural look, soft-touch surface and general cork characteristic; and
  • Sughera is available in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

Jean Paul Corbeil, founder and CEO of Corpack, said, "Whether as a completely new design or integrated into an existing range, Corpack can transform our customer’s vision into reality including Sughera as a natural element.”