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Federal Package Launches Eco Smart Containers

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The Eco Smart containers are available in deodorant, lip balm, sun stick, cosmetic, and other personal care product containers.

Federal Package has launched its Eco Smart containers, which are an earth-conscience solution for the global personal care market that is fully FDA-compliant and made in the United States. 

The containers are made with a proprietary organic additive that helps the plastic start to break down in days when disposed in a biologically active landfill.

The Eco Smart additive encourages microbes to penetrate the container and break down the chemical bonds of the plastic, accelerating the breakdown in biologically active landfills, marine or other environments. 

It enhances the biodegradation of plastic into humus (rich soil), carbon dioxide, and methane, that can be converted to renewable energy.

Steve Dakolios, president of Federal Package, said: "Eco Smart differs from other degradable plastics, in that it does not contain starch, heavy metals, or other fillers that can produce microplastics which have been known to contaminate soil and water. The resulting biomass remaining after complete biodegradation is no longer a polymer. The scientific term for this residual is commonly referred to as biomass, humus, or compost.”


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