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Spectacle Launches Sustainable Packaging

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The Spectacle Performance Creme tube is made from a spruce-wood bi-product .

Spectacle Skincare has launched sustainable packaging constructed from more than 95% renewable resources.

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Spectacle's Performance Creme tube is made from a spruce wood by-product from the carpentry industry and a low-impact sugarcane compound with a carbon footprint 40% lower than a conventional PE tube, while maintaining EU cosmetic and food-grade quality standards.

The creme's box is made of hemp paper stock and is acid-, chlorine- and "chemical-free" (the latter claim is unclear as to which particular materials it refers). Half of the fiber is sustainably sourced from European hemp fields and the other half is post-consumer recycled waste.

For every box made, Spectacle plants two hemp seeds. 

The soy ink used has low levels of volatile organic compounds, 80% less than produced by traditional petroleum-based inks, per the brand. Soy ink is reportedly more than four times more biodegradable than standard ink.

Lastly, the padded shipping envelope is made from 100% recycled content, 25% being post-consumer waste made from newspapers, and are fully recyclable and "naturally biodegradable."

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