Kate Somerville Skincare Expands Distribution into Korea

Kate Somerville Skincare has partnered with Spruce Korea to distribute the skin care brand in Korea beginning in early 2013. The alliance marries Kate Somerville's growth in North America with Spruce's track record of successfully introducing luxury beauty brands to Korea. Currently, the department store cosmetics industry in Korea is well over US$2 billion, and the market is recognized as a trendsetter in Asia, where neighboring markets such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong look for the most desirable, prestigious skin care brands.

"We are excited for the great opportunity ahead. We couldn't find a more perfect and suitable partner for our journey into Asia," said Michelle Taylor, CEO of Kate Somerville Skincare. "Kate Somerville is going international, with presence already in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. Now, for Korea, we have a partner who has incredible industry experience and a complete understanding of what luxury means. Our brand is in good hands under Spruce's care."

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