Dinaco and Amyris Collaborate to Resell Neossance Products

Amyris Inc., an industrial bioscience company produces Neossance Squalane and Neossance Hemisqualane, which are sustainable alternatives for petroleum and chemically-derived products. Additionally, Neossance emollients are biodegradable, ECOCERT-approved and USDA Certified, 100% biobased.

Amyris's Neossance Hemisqualane

• Innovative light emollient with high spreadability

• Ideal for natural cosmetic formulations

• Serves as replacement for petroleum-derived paraffins and silicone ingredients

Amyris's Neossance Squalane

• One of the highest quality and most versatile emollients on the market

• Biocompatible

• Consistently-robust composition

Amyris and Dinaco’s Agreement

Distributing products and ingredients from worldwide cosmetics and manufacturers, Dinaco Importação Comércio S.A. ("Dinaco") and Amyrise announced a reseller agreement for the Neossance cosmetic ingredients on Thursday, June 25.

Recognized as a distibutor for the Brazilian market, Dinaco will purchase and resell both of Amyris’ Neossance products throughout Brazil.

"We're pleased to announce this important agreement, which brings together the high quality and performance of Amyris's personal care products and the broad distribution experience of Dinaco in the Brazilian market," said Caroline Hadfield, senior vice president, personal care, Amyris, in a press statement. "The growing market for renewably-sourced personal care products poses a unique opportunity for Amyris to showcase its expertise in creating sustainable high-performance products that have proven performance."

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