Mass Fragrances Boom in Brazil

Fragrances in Brazil showed dynamic growth between 2000-2005, with an increase of more than 180% in current value terms, according to the new Fragrances in Brazil report from Euromonitor International. Mass men's fragrances recorded the most impressive growth, increasing by 248% over the same period.

Mass fragrances showed a stronger performance than premium fragrances, as a result of the high quality of the products and the creativity of their branding. The most important launch in 2005 was Rhea by O Boticário, a new women's fragrance that features vine alcohol from white Muscat grape as the base of its formula. Extraordinary, released in Brazil and other countries at the same time, was the second most important launch of 2005.

Mass fragrance manufacturers are increasingly segmenting products to capture opportunities in the market. Teenagers tend to choose a brand for its look, for example, and tend to develop a loyalty to that brand. Less affluent consumers might shop for more accessible products—such as splashes, which have lower concentrations of perfume. Brazil's climate also has an influence on the preferences of consumers, with those living in warmer regions preferring stronger scents and those in the cooler south preferring softer ones.

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