"Ubersexual" Potential Goldmine for Marketers

The emergence of the new "ubersexual" man presents a potential goldmine for global manufacturers and marketers, according to the latest research from Euromonitor International. Cosmetics companies, health clubs, retailers and travel companies all look set to profit from the changing male image, as men become more image-conscious. The ubersexual man is defined by Euromonitor International as "more complex, more thoughtful, more culinary and better groomed than macho man, but more traditionally masculine than the metrosexual." 

The cosmetics and toiletries industry is already benefiting from the increased focus on male grooming products as more products enter the market and men become more willing to buy their own toiletries, according to Euromonitor International. Sales are predicted to grow by 18% globally between 2006 and 2011, when the market is forecast to be worth $25 billion. In Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, in particular, the markets for male grooming products are expected to boom as consumers increasingly adapt to Western lifestyles. In Asia Pacific, value sales of male grooming products are forecast to grow by 24% between 2006 and 2011 to $4 billion, while growth is forecasted to reach 60% to $2.5 billion in Eastern Europe.
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