Exclusive: The Belgian C&T Market

According to the latest research from Euromonitor International, convenience is an important factor in Belgian toiletries due to the increasingly busy lifestyles of consumers. In 2007, bath and shower products increased by a non-negligible 3% in current value terms, with liquid soap products moving the market away from bar soap items. Ease of use of the products is equally important where packaging size can be an important issue, with the “family size” packaging falling out of favor and smaller packaging units rising in popularity.

Ease of use will remain crucial in the market, and both convenient and efficient formats will continue to be introduced in many different areas of cosmetic and toiletry products in Belgium. Oral care is anticipated to grow by 9% in constant value terms, as many Belgians should be ready to pay a premium price for 2-in-1 toothpastes or high-tech electric toothbrushes.

In body wash/shower gels, up 10% in current value terms over 2008–2012, the importance of ease of use will see a continued trend towards smaller packaging size units. The most popular format of sun care products in Belgium now is 200 mL. Products that are easy to transport for holidays and days out will be important for the consumer, allowing for the possibility of reuse during the day.

Lastly, depilatories should also continue to take advantage of the quest of more efficient and convenient solutions, and should jump by 18% in constant value terms, notably by virtue of the below-average development of blade systems here in Belgium.

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