"10 Years of Premium Beauty" Under the Microscope

Trend insight and analysis consultancy Imogen Matthews Associates has announced the launch of its latest report, "10 Years of Premium Beauty," a journey through the beauty industry’s recent history. In the illustrated hardback book, produced in association with CEW(UK), Imogen Matthews and her team have gathered together the most important trends affecting premium beauty over the past 10 years and put them into context of today’s markets.

“Understanding past trends is key to planning for a strong and profitable future,” said Matthews, owner of Imogen Matthews Associates. “'10 Years of Premium Beauty' provides readers with the tools to do so.”

During the past 10 years, there have been many far-reaching changes to the premium beauty market. There has been a growing confidence among beauty shoppers who are savvier, more demanding and no longer stick to one kind of beauty regime. Efficacy is a key driver to purchase. Meanwhile, shopping environments have become more customer friendly and increasingly offer services to draw consumers into their stores for longer. Online is now a major force in beauty retailing.

“The last decade has seen the U.K. economy cycle through boom into one of the worst recessions in history and then back through to recovery. Premium beauty has done well to weather these turbulent times but as the first green shoots of growth begin to show, it will be important to learn the lessons of the past to ensure our industry enjoys a bright future,” said Matthews.

The report includes information on the roller coaster course of the U.K. economy and how the premium beauty industry has fared in comparison; how the recession has affected premium beauty's luxury status; the highs and lows of the fine fragrance, premium makeup and premium skin care sectors; the impact online retailing has had on the high street; and interviews with leading industry figures including Per Neuman, former U.K. managing director of Estée Lauder, and a foreword from CEW(UK) chairman Caroline Neville.

"10 Years of Premium Beauty" is available starting November 25, 2013, and, for a limited time, Imogen Matthews Associates is offering the opportunity to have a sneak preview. The "10 Years of Premium Beauty" preview can be downloaded here.

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