U.S. Skin Care Consumer Concerns, Usage & Search Habits

Key Insights on Consumers' Skin Care Usage, Concerns & Search Habits
The survey's key findings reported that 78% of respondents want to take better care of their skin.

StyleSeat, an online platform for beauty and wellness professionals, surveyed 2,300 consumers across the U.S. to reveal insights on the use of skin care including habits, regimens and resources. 

The survey's key findings reported that 78% of respondents want to take better care of their skin. When it comes to skin care knowledge, Google was revealed as the top information resource, ranking over dermatologists, family and social media influencer advice. 

Other key findings included Utah being found as the top state with the healthiest skin care habits, followed by Connecticut and New York. States who were reported to have the worst skin care habits when compared to others included Kansas, Oklahoma and Nevada. 

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Skin Habits & Concerns

The top skin care concerns revealed by survey participants included: dryness (52%), acne (36%), undereye circles (36%), wrinkles (34%), sun damage (28%), obvious pores (24%), redness (22%) and pigmentation (19%). 

Whether it’s due to convenience or cost, Google ranked as the most common place people get their skin care information from with 50%, followed by family advice, social media influencers and beauty stores. Only 8% of people reported getting their skin care knowledge from industry professionals. 

It was found that on average, women spend two times the amount of time that men do on their skin care regimen. Women were reported to spend around six minutes versus three minutes for men, and almost two times the amount of money on skin care products and services. 

Top & Bottom States by Skin Care Habit Categories

Utah was revealed as the number one state with the healthiest skin habits. The following top five states with the best skin care routines ranked were Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Kentucky and Tennessee. 

The survey broke down skin care habits into categories to measure the best and worst states. These categories were unhealthy consumption, healthy consumption, sun protection and internal health. 

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Ohio was the state with the healthiest consumption habits, with more Ohioans avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, but Oregon tending to follow consumption habits that may result in negative consequences to their skin. When it came to taking proactive measures for skin health, Louisiana was the state with the most healthy consumption habits, like taking fish oil, drinking water and eating vegetables. 

When it came to sun protection for the skin, Pennsylvania ranked number one with the healthiest sun protection habits, like wearing SPF. The top five was rounded out with Washington, Indiana, Maryland and Nebraska. New York ranked as the top state with the healthiest internal habits pertaining to stress management and sleep. 

With 78% of participants reporting interest in improving their skin care habits, and a lack of people searching for professional advice, there is a real opportunity for beauty pros to step in with treatment insight and education. 

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