Decoding TikTok Shop's Beauty Sales

According to NIQ, the most shopped categories on TikTok Shop include lip cosmetics.
According to NIQ, the most shopped categories on TikTok Shop include lip cosmetics.
Mdv Edwards at Adobe Stock

According to new data from NIQ, 84% of TikTok Shop sales fall in the beauty and personal care sector.

The platform, first announced for the U.S. market on September 12, 2023, features shoppable videos and livestreams in users' For You feeds, allowing "brands, merchants and creators the tools to sell directly through ... the TikTok app," per the company.

Other features include product showcases, a shop tab, an affiliate program, Shop ads, a fulfillment service and secure checkout.

Following the rollout, NIQ has begun tracking activity within TikTok Shop. According to the firm, the most shopped categories were:

  • facial skin care
  • cologne and perfume
  • lip cosmetics
  • body lotions treatments
  • deodorant

NIQ's analytical capabilities are able to capture sales volume, value and market share at the brand level on the TikTok Shop platform, allowing brands top dig deeper into consumer behavior and, ultimately, optimize their sales performance and tap into new growth opportunities. It can also assist brands in boosting the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and product development.

The new measurement of sales across CPG categories in TikTok Shop will be available to NIQ clients on both the Rakuten and Omnisales platforms this month.

"We are excited to launch our new measurement of sales in TikTok Shop," said John Busardo, senior vice president and beauty and OTC vertical lead, NIQ. "TikTok Shop is a rapidly growing platform, and brands and retailers need to understand how their products are performing on it. Our new measurement will provide them with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their TikTok Shop strategies."

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