Fashion and Color Resonate

The Fashion Group International (FGI) welcomed color expert Leatrice Eiseman, director, Eiseman Center for Color, to present “Looking for Color Trends: The Bridge Between Design Disciplines.” Margaret Hayes, president, FGI, enumerated some of Eiseman’s accomplishments, most recently as the prime consultant for Pantone and the author of More Alive with Color. “In looking for color trends, we have to look at the fashion industry,” noted Eiseman. She cited the example of colors moving from the runways to the areas of home design and commercial design. In referring to the latest stylized shoe horn creation by Manolo Blahnik, shaped like a shoe with a curved stiletto heel, Eiseman quipped, “Now you can have a pair of Manolo’s from Conran’s for $39.95 apiece.”

On the cosmetics and beauty forefront, Eiseman said, “Beauty and cosmetics are all about color, and the beauty industry marches to its own drum. The cosmetic industry has always been ahead of the pack, and it’s up to individual designers to make a choice.” She cited Lauder’s use of chocolate shades, and the trend to grow chocolate and maroon colored flowers, noting a flower farm devoted to growing maroon and chocolate calla lilies. Eiseman also presented her summer 2007 palette. “The big word is evolution,” she said, adding that color will reflect personal backgrounds, cultural relationships with color, and the emotional aspect of colors.
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