Sensory Branding at FIT

New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology was the site of the Sensory Branding, From Subliminal to Original presentation. Hosted by The Fragrance Foundation Junior Advisory Board, guest presenters addressed ways in which fragrance influences retail, media, travel and taste. Christopher Cormier, executive beauty director, Cosmopolitan Magazine, provided an introduction to the influences of fragrance in daily life, and presentations ranged from the culinary arts to branding, fragrance sampling innovations and environmental fragrancing. Dierdre McMennamin, strategic planner, G2 Branding and Design, shared thoughts on luxury today as experiential living—a collaborative presentation by Kraft Foods and Arcade Marketing.

David Richardson, senior director of CPG Sales, offered the authentic aroma of DiGiorno pizza in a scratch and sniff card. Bringing the experience of fragrance into the realm of environmental aromas, Mark Peltier, founder of AromaSys, Environmental Aroma Systems, discussed the ways in which a public space may be scented with a meaningful and appropriate fragrance. Peltier likened the experience of environmental fragrancing to “creating a sound system for your nose.”

“Scent compositions must really fit with the properties being fragranced,” said Peltier. “To enhance the comfort, character and distinction of a property and create a positive and memorable experience for hotel guests, for example, each environment must have its own feel and the appropriate mixture to convey the relevant characteristics of the property. The whole experiential bar is being raised.”

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