wet n wild in New York

wet n wild debuted its 2007 collection on January 18 at the Cabanas Club in The Maritime Hotel in New York. Snow and sleet covered the streets outside, but a collaboration with SOHO transformed the launch site into a tropical paradise. While a calypso combo played in front of a roaring fireplace, executives from Markwins presented the new collection. Shawn Haynes, senior vice president of marketing, global brand development, Markwins, gave an overview of the new line, its updated packaging, expanded offerings and positioning.

The new line expands the MegaEyes collection beyond the singles and trios to include Ultimate Expressions Eye Shadow Palettes, H2O Blending Eye Pencils and sheerer lip glosses—a departure from heavy coverage lacquers and lipsticks. All the products, available in mass-market venues, offer women a range of cosmetics at value-driven price points. New performance formulas are utilized in the brand’s Rock Solid Nail Lacquers, MegaShimmer Body Dust and the new 3-of-a-Kind Twist-Up Sticks for Lips, Eyes and Cheeks.

The company also launched wet n wild Podulars—carryalls in a convenient range of sizes for organizing and transporting cosmetics—and SOHO’s travel savvy bags. “Part of SOHO’s mission is to stay on trend all of the time, which is our recipe for sustaining growth,” said Haynes. “By partnering with SOHO, a retailer embraces a lifestyle brand that combines cutting-edge fashion with solution-based designs.”


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