ICMAD Announces CITY Awards in NYC

Eight member companies of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD) were recognized for their innovative products, packaging and advertising, as the association celebrated its fourth annual CITY Awards, at Bridgewater’s in New York City. ICMAD president, David Schieffelin of Models Prefer, Ltd., said, “The coveted CITY Awards for product and marketing innovations prove the depth of contribution made by ICMAD members to the cosmetic industry by recognizing the finalists as well as the winners. The City Awards represent dedication, effort and creativity by our members. For me, the CITY Awards represent everything that makes our industry so dynamic.”

“We want to give ICMAD member companies a greater opportunity to showcase their creative talents and be recognized for their innovative contributions to the beauty industry,” said Penni Jones, executive director, ICMAD. “Whether it’s a new branded product, packaging design or advertising campaign, the expanded CITY Awards are designed to honor the entrepreneurial spirit.”

The list of winners is available here.
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