Frédéric Malle Launches Outrageous

A new fragrance created by perfume developer Frédéric Malle was launched at New York City’s Barneys Co-op. The scent, Outrageous, is the 16th in a series of library-oriented editions created by Malle, and is the first to be launched in the U.S. Featuring a decidedly “American edge,” rather than a “French classic,” as Malle describes it, the unisex fragrance offers a unique olfactive vocabulary and a colorful, experimental nature.

Malle, whose fragrance will be a Barneys’ exclusive, wanted to be close to the world of Co-op, and set out to create an androgynous scent that could be worn by both genders, that would be sexy and would be perfect for “those who feel young enough to wear it.” “Age is what you make of it,” said Malle, who was educated at New York University, spent time in the advertising world and was an assistant to renowned perfumer Jean Amic in France.

“I wanted to (create) a fragrance that was reminiscent of the years when there was so much fun and creativity in fragrance,” he said.

Malle believes Outrageous offers that point of difference, and cites the talents of Sophia Grojsman at IFF, who he commissioned for the fragrance. She mixed the smell of Caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail, with the scent of clean laundry, green apple, orange blossom, amber and Texas cedar. The notes break down technically as green apple, followed by the Caipirinha notes of lime, grapefruit, mint and cinnamon, and then by neroli and orange blossom. The clean laundry components incorporate amyl salicylate, aldehydes, amber, cedar and white rose. The result is a scent that marries craft and passion, with a nod, says Malle, to nature and new materials.

“I dream of new molecules bringing scents that no one has ever smelled, scents so new that they would be like new colors on a rainbow,” said Malle.
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