AMBI Launches New Body Care Line

On November 8, the Ambi Skincare team invited members of the press to an intimate lunch at New York’s Lever House to experience three new products, comprising the new body care line from Ambi Soft and Even. Charysse Nunez, Marketing Research Manager, and Jon Miller, R&D Manager at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, were on-hand to unveil the products and provide details on their genesis, ingredients and benefits.

Ambi, which was created in Zimbabwe more than 40 years ago and began with only three sku’s, developed their product range and geographic reach over the years, moving from Africa to India, to Malaysia, and into North America. With evening skin tone and moisturization among the products’ primary benefits, the new Ambi Soft & Even Body Care line supports the line’s growth in scope and number of sku’s. According to Nunez, the new products, available in Skin Tone Enhancing Moisture Cream, Stretch Mark Diminishing Oil, and Creamy Oil Lotion, work to improve skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation patches; reduce the appearance of stretch marks in melanin-rich skin; and in the Creamy Oil Lotion, offer a blend of moisturizing emollients to provide intense hydration and relieve dry skin.

Jon Miller discussed the ingredients in the products specifically designed to translate the needs of women with more melanin in their skin, to improve hyperpigmentation of the face, as well as the body, including knees and elbows. He described the dryness that can occur when light hits the skin and scatters on the surface, causing dullness and creating the need to moisturize the lipid layer of the skin. Miller said, “The creamy oil format of Ambi Soft and Even Creamy Oil Lotion drives good barrier function, restores natural moisture components and retains moisture for 24 hours.” Likewise, the Stretch Mark Diminishing Oil, with natural soybean oil and almond oil, plus Vitamin E, provides clean application in a spray pump and is designed to improve skin elasticity and firmness. Miller noted that the products have been clinically tested and provide a good healing environment to help with healing, toning and moisturizing, for all women. The complete line-up will be available in food, drug and mass merchandisers in March ’08, with each product retailing for $7.99.

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