Cosmetic Victories Awards Announces 2018 Winners


The 2018 Cosmetic Victories Awards were presented at Le Bristol hotel in Paris.

An international competition established in 2015 by the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster, the Cosmetic Victories Awards honor entrepreneurs behind innovative projects in the fields of fragrance and cosmetics. It recognizes an Academic and Industry prize winner each year.

The 2018 Academic Prize was awarded to Vincent Gauthier, a Ph.D. student at SATIE laboratory of Cergy-Pontoise University for “La Peau Intelligente” (Smart Skin), a project which analyzes product-skin interaction using living explants.

The 2018 Industry Prize was awarded to chemist and entrepreneur David Maleville for “Eclypse,”a project which involves producing metal-free ink made invisible by depigmenting cream which re-appears with a coloring cream. It is designed for the permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing market, and was developed in partnership with Mathilde Bru (marketing and communications manager) and Angély Ludger (administrative and financial manager).

The 2018 edition saw 72 project applications from 14 countries. Six finalists were selected by a committee consisting of ten academic experts from around the world. Winners were selected by an international panel of judges from public institutions and French brands.

Finalists included:

Academic Prize

  • Bichromatics, gold at the heart of colour, Sorbonne University/CNRS (France)
  • Smart Skin: Tomorrow’s Challenge, analysing product-skin  interaction  using  living  explants, Cergy-Pontoise University (France)
  • SOS Beauty Magic Patch, National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan)

Industry Prize

  • Eclypse: adaptable ink for permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing, Eclypse (France)
  • [N]Fibrecare Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask, Nanopharma (Czech Republic) 
  • Face Analytics, Augmented Reality & Emotional Analysis: augmented beauty, MoodMe (Belgium)
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