Thought Leaders Explore Innovation; Consumers as Stakeholders

Senior executives from global beauty brands will lead discussions on innovation and new product development at the InnoCos Europe conference (May 30-31, Geneva, Switzerland) and InnoCos USA conference (July 11–12, New York)—the first U.S. InnoCos event. The two-day events feature interactive workshops and case study sessions on new trends, new markets, new products and how brand owners can maximize business success by putting innovation at the core of their company.

“InnoCos Europe has been such a huge success over the last two years that executives in the U.S. were asking us to bring the event to North America," said Lisanne Vos, chief creative officer at event owner KGS B.V. "So we are happy to announce that InnoCos will be held in both Europe and the U.S. this year.”

In 2012, the event program, "Connect, Collaborate, Innovate," explores what happens, in today's fast-paced environment where rapid and continuous new product development is the norm and consumers are active stakeholders in the development process. The digital age is encouraging mass customization of how products are developed and how they are marketed and sold globally. To truly stay ahead, say event organizers, companies need to respond quickly and decisively to global trends, transforming traditional customer-facing functions into activities with a competitive edge.

Among the thought leaders presenting, Jacques Mathieu, senior director consumer Insight, Oriflame, will examine how to listen, learn and innovate through a dedicated web-community, and Valerie Hoecke, vice president digital experience and commerce, Benefit Cosmetics, will discuss how to utilize digital and social media for local market innovation.

At the European event, Rimma Driscoll, associate director EMEA, global business development, P&G, will focus on trends impacting beauty brands and their consumers, while George-Edouard Dias, senior vice president e-business, L’Oréal, will take on the subject at the U.S. event.

Innovating and kick starting projects through creative partnerships will also be featured at both events, with experts exploring how to combine and build internal collaboration and external partnerships and alliances for quicker innovation. Expert speakers such as Fabienne Jacquet, director external innovation, Colgate-Palmolive, and Charlotte Marion, director external resources and innovation process, Chanel Perfums et Beaute, will discuss choosing the right partner, gaining buy-in from internal stakeholders and the cycle from sourcing to product development.

In addition to the event sites, further information will be available on and in upcoming print issues. Questions regarding registration can be sent to Irina Kremin, managing director, KGS B.V.

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