HPCI India 2020 Insights


With more than 100 exhibits and approx. 2,000 attendees, HPCI India, held Feb. 6 and 7, 2020, presented new horizons in the cosmetic industry, including consumer involvement in ingredients and technology, which has caused a major shift in marketing strategies in the Indian market.

According to show organizers, shifts in market trends have created an opportunity for independent cosmetics businesses to apply creative solutions to emerging customer interests. The demand for personalized cosmetics, for example, is growing fast. More online beauty brands are increasingly using augmented reality to enhance the consumer experience, and the rise of the health-conscious movement has been inundated by cosmetics promoting a healthier lifestyle.

With changing trends, legislation is also becoming more stringent. The Biodiversity Act was designed as the result of new developments in technology and information, as well as the ongoing degradation of the environment accompanied by the erosion of biological diversity.

HPCI educational tracks also covered advanced skin evaluation and hair texture-creating formulations. Social facets of cosmetics were addressed in a session explaining expanded diversity in all cosmetic segments, discussing the facts, products and market trends in personal care and color cosmetics.

In addition, formulating standardized certified products using stem cells, and animal-alternative testing methods were highlighted. Finally, a few workshops demonstrated texture creation, and formulation and application aspects of color cosmetics.

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