Industry Leaders Gathering at Natural Beauty Summit

Leaders of the natural cosmetics industry will gather at the second Natural Beauty Summit in New York, May 15-17. Founders, presidents, CEOs and senior managers of leading companies to discuss and debate the key issues the cosmetics industry faces in the areas of natural and organic products and sustainability.

According to event organizers, natural and organic standards is high on the agenda. Analysts have pegged 2008 to be a defining year for the cosmetics industry. An industry shake-up in which the adoption of private standards is to lead to a clear demarcation between pure natural/organic cosmetic and products that utilize a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients is predicted.

The standards session will also feature the new Whole Foods Premium Body Care standard as well as give an update on the harmonized European natural and organic standards, and key executives involved in the development of natural and organic standards will chair a panel discussion that will look at the possibility of global standards harmonization. In addition, the details of major standards such as NSF and OASIS will be discussed.

Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, will kick off Natural Beauty Summit America with an opening address called "Sustainability, Ethics and the Greening of the Cosmetics Industry." Key topics in the first session of the summit will look at sustainable business practices in the cosmetics industry, such as ethical ingredient sourcing, ecological packaging and green marketing issues.

Additional information on presenters, topics and schedules is available here.
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