innoCos 2014 Summit to Recognize a Leader of the Year

The 5th annual innoCos 2014 summit in Rome, May 21-23, 2014, is set to gathers a group of senior executives and directors from the beauty, cosmetics and personal care industry to share innovative stories in marketing, consumer insights, product development, design, packaging and retailing. This summit is tailored toward leaders in the beauty industry who enjoy quality networking and learning from peers in an exclusive, friendly and luxury environment.

For 2014, the agenda focuses on transforming business performance through innovation and marketing to secure growth, achieve brand leadership and meet future consumer needs. New elements for this year's event include:

  • An innovative suppliers showroom
  • Prosecco roundtables
  • the Downtown Rome Trend Walk: inspirational objects and spaces
  • and the innoCos Leader of the Year Awards Dinner.

The innoCos Leader of the Year Award has been created to recognize and honor managers and leaders in the beauty and personal care industry who have significantly contributed to the success of a company by developing, enhancing and expanding the practice of innovation. Innovations can include marketing, product development, packaging and retailing initiatives that have delivered business value.

“We have met many amazing leaders at our events who drive innovation in their companies, some of which have been featured on our Wall of Fame," statee Irina Kremin, business development director of innoCos. “Our goal is to give them more recognition by introducing the innoCos Leader of the Year Awards. We have the support of our jury that consists of industry leaders, consultants and academics and are very excited to see the first winners in 2014.”

The award draws applicants from a wide diversity of companies in the cosmetics and personal care industry: beauty brands and retailers, packaging suppliers, raw material suppliers, and other organizations involved in innovating or retailing new beauty products. Leaders and their organizations will receive broad recognition for their accomplishments through both press and media publications around the world. The innoCos Leader of the Year Awards categories include marketing, product, packaging and retail.

To learn more about the summit, as well as the innoCos Leader of the Year Award’s eligibility, application process and criteria, contact Paul Lima at [email protected].

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